Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who Let the Dog Out?

Xanza here! OMG, lemme tell ya about what happened a couple days ago.
I gots me in some trouble.

So, Mommy let me outside to do ma bizness when she got home from work right. Well, that stupid little yippy dog next door started mouthin' off to me yet again. I don't even know what type of dog he is but he's awfully small. I don't even consider him a real dog -- he's so puny. Heck, any dog less that 30 pounds is not a REAL dog. That's just my 1 cents.

His Master is cool though...his name is Carl but damn... that dog I can't stand. Every single day, he comes up to the fence and starts talkin' crap to me. He's always sayin' how he can take me, or how he can own me, or how I am no match for him, or how German Shepards sux, or how I have no cajones. Tell me -- what the hell is cajones?! Is that like some Cajun food or sumtin? If it is, I can go for sum of dat.

Well, that dog pisses me off so much that I start barkin' at him (which usually gets the Humans upset at me). And to make matters worse, he always be laughin' at me that I am behind the fence and can't get out. He comes right up the the fence and taunts me! OMG - you don't know how much that pisses me off.

Well a couple days ago he was at it again! He started spewin' stuff about Mom. He started tellin' these aweful "Yo Momma" jokes. I couldn't take it anymore. He wasn't gonna disrespect the only person in this whole wide world that loved me. So, I found a way to get under the fence. Was seriously going off some high adrenalan and I went after him at full speed. OMG...it was so friggin' funny. He got SO scared that he froze for a second then ran straight into his house. He never even came back out.

His Master, Carl, started rollin'. But then Carl went to go get Mom to let her know that I was out of backyard and running around the street. When she opened the door and saw me outside, she did not have a happy face. She quickly called me and I ran into the house and in my crate.

Even though, she was mad at me for a bit, I don't regret it. All in a days work if I scared that lil dog shiatless.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kick Boxing Bliz

Boy have things been busy around the house! Both Mommy and Daddy started taking this kick boxing class a few weeks ago. They seem to be enjoying it a lot, although, they often have very sore muscles the day after. That's no fun at all. Been there, done that while chasing many a rabbit in the backyard.

I was thinking that it would be cool to join that class too! But unfortunately, they don't allow doggies. Places discriminate SO much against dogs. It's so not fair! Now I know how women felt when they couldn't have the same rights as men and Blacks not being able to do same things as Whites. More people should allow doggies to go into Human places

But, as I was saying, it would be fun to take kick boxing with Mommy and Daddy. I can learn how to be strong and defend myself. And anytime Xanza tries to be a bully and beat up on me, I can give him a great jab or hook in the face and make him see birdies. Oooh, that would be SO much fun. Then, maybe he'll give me some respect.

I think Xanza is probably mad at me because Mommy decided to take me with her on a road trip to Saint Louis. Mommy, Daddy, Grandma Rita and I are all going to visit Aunty Mandy & Uncle Marcus. I simple can't wait to meet my cousin, Xane. I hope he likes me. I hear he's got lots of energy like me so I'm sure we will spend hours and hours playing together. Mommy said that sometimes Xane can be quite naughty though and that I should teach him some good manners while I am there. I must remember to do that because, I was quite naughtly myself in my youth. Sure I had a cute face, but I was bad to the bone.

Anyways, I will surely write and let you all know how fabulous my trip is. I'm so excited! This will be my 2nd official road trip to another state. I went to Chicago a few years ago and that was loads of fun. I'm sure Saint Louis will be even better! STL here comes The Bliz!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Playing fetch

I just wanted to give thanks to my Mom. Even though she's been occupied with many errands and projects lately, she still finds time in her very busy day to spend time with me. On her lunch breaks from work, she sometimes drives home to eat lunch and spend some time with me. She would eat her sandwich quickly and then she would take my favorite red kong ball in the backyard and we would play fetch. Also, in the afternoons, even though she's super tired, she'd take a few minutes to play fetch again. I love her and just wanted to thank her. It's only a few minutes but it means the worlds to me. I think that everyone should take a few minutes of their day to do something nice...even when things can seem overwhelming.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Screw Timmy!

Xanza here! How y'all doin'? Me, I've been great. Lots of changes goin' on in da crib. First of all, my Humans opened up a foto bizness. They are workin' very hard. I can't wait for them to be done and then take some pics of me...once the world sees this magnificent face, I will be a STAR! And when I am a star, the white one can be my chauffer and butler. Muahahaha...that would be awesome to boss Bliz around all day.  I'd have a lil bell and ring it every time I want something. Woot woot!

Heck, I just had an idea, I can be the next Lassie! I'd be good too. Sure I ain't no Collie but that doesn't matter. I am in good shape, I run a lot, I can bark AND if I do say so myself...quite handsome. The ladies like that...oh yeah.

Back to Lassie, oh my God, that would rock. Lassie is my all time hero. Sure, I'd be a male playing a female but I can dig it if it means, riches, ladies and stardom.  To be in that many shows and movies and remembered for all of time would be sweet.

I'd get to play a cool hero on tv and everyone would love me. But...I don't know about this Timmy brat though...he's friggen stoopid. What sorta of kid falls down a well multiple times and expect their dog to come and rescue them each time. Um..no thanks. Once maybe, twice if you're lucky but more than that...you're on your own Tim. Sorry bud, it's a ruff world..just gotta deal. Timmy go down the hole and stayed there...lol. I know I am bad but hey....it's survival of the fittest. If Timmy can't figure out a way to get outta a 5 foot deep hole, then the world will go on without him. Tough nuts kid.