Friday, May 22, 2009

My busy Masters

I apologize that it has taken me such a long time to write. Master Lors and Master Stan have been quite busy for the past few weeks and I have been unable to use their laptops at my leisure. I figure it must be quite important so I let them use their computers - no questions asked. From what I gathered, they have started up a photography business. Master Lors takes absolutely beautiful flower photos and they are trying to share them with the world. I believe they are starting to put their photos on Ebay. Feel free to check them out.

They both have been working very long days at their normal jobs and then come home and work another 5-6 hours in the evenings. I do not understand where they get their energy from. It's as if they are running on jet fuel like Aunty Molly! If I don't get my 16 hours of beauty sleep, I simply cannot function.

I looked on the wall calendar and it appears that tomorrow is their wedding anniversary. I hope they remember to take some time for each other. Otherwise, I may have to be a "bad boy" and knock the calendar and point to the date with my paw. I hope that it does not have to come to that.

I can't believe it's been seven years already! I've lived with them for approximately 6.5 years so I feel as though that I am apart of their celebration as well. I wish them many more wonderful years. Before Blizzard came along, the three of us did everything together. They were such wonderful parents. They wanted to raise me properly so they were constantly researching every aspect of living with a dog. At times they were strict but they always showered me with lots of love and affection. I must admit, sometimes I did try to test their boundaries and came to learn rather quickly that they meant business. I would not be the dog I am today if it was not for them. Thank you Masters!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blizzard's Identity Crisis

For those of you that do not know, I sorta had an identity crisis a few years ago. When I was growing up, I was caught between multiple worlds and it utterly confused me. The Masters of my biological parents told Mommy that I was a mutt. I later found out that it meant that it was a mix between two or more breeds. I was half Alaskan Malamute and half Siberian Husky.

When Mommy would take me for walks, no one would believe that I was a Malamute/Husky mix. It made me quite sad and I could tell that Mommy was annoyed at them too. She loved me for being me, and it did not matter to her if I was "just a mutt". Plus, when I was in Puppy Training class, all the pure bred dogs would be so snobby to me and did not want to play with me. I got so mad at them that sometimes I would slowly sneak up to them and give them a big poke with my paw. Take that!

To make matters even worse, when I would accompany Xavier to Schutzhund training in Wisconsin, people would think that I was a white German Shepard. Can you believe that!? I look nothing like a German Shepard dog. All the humans there only liked German Shepards and they just poked fun at me. It made me feel like I was not a real dog because I was not a purebred. Tell me...why must people make fun of those who are different? I just don't understand it.

I felt so torn between who I should be that I rebeled quite a bit in my youth. I destroyed things around the house, marked things all over, dug big holes in the backyard, and ran away multiple times. I don't know what I was thinking back then, I was just angry and confused at everything around me.

A few years later, I found out that I was actually not Malamute at all...I was a Samoyed/Husky mix. It was at that point that I realized that I just had to be me. Those things did not define who I was, my actions did. I had a wonderful Mommy and Daddy, and two awesome brothers. And even though, we did not share the same blood, we were family. That's what it is all about.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Woot for Mom!

Xanza here! So, Xavier & da Bliz told me that tomorrow is Motha's Day and that I should be extra nice to Mom and thank her fer stuff. Well, I don't quite know what all this Motha's Day business is about but I think it's kinda silly to just preciate ( I just learned this word...woot) your mom once a year. I preciate Motha each and every day! I preciate her for feedin' me, givin' me water, playin' with me and all sorts of stuff. I am most thankful for when dad complains about giving me away -- she comes to my rescue and say there's no way he's givin' me away! Thanks Mom - luv ya! You are the best! Enjoy this so-called Motha's Day but remember I think you are awesome every days (yeah, that's it!) a year. Woot for moms everwhere! Raise da woof, y'all!

Happy Mother's Day

To the most wonderful mother I have ever known, I want to thank you for...

... embracing me with your body when I had a fever and was not feeling well.

... carrying me up the flight of stairs in the backyard when I hurt my leg (I know that I was not light).

... grooming me so that I would look and be my best.

... cleaning up after me after I threw up multiple times in the backseat of your new car.

... not yelling at me when I chewed up your birthday gift from your sister.

... coming to Wisconsin for so many weeks to watch me perform Schutzhund with Dad.

... bringing home a new rubber ball when I lost my old one.

... still buying a dog bed when I've chewed up the one I had so many times.

... for picking me when all my other siblings were much more out-going and energetic.

... taking me on wonderful car rides.

... bringing Blizzard home so that I would not be lonely and I would have a brother.

... letting me finish licking the inside of your yogurt container.

... telling me you love me each and every day.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Tails of the Three Pupperonis is the recipient of a Kreativ Blogger Award. The terrible threesome (Xavier, Blizzard & Xanza) would like to say a few words regarding this award. With this award, they are also asked to list seven of their most favorite things. Thank you very much to Pamela for considering Three Pupperonis.

Thank you very much Lady Pamela for bestowing this honor upon us. I appreciate your kindness and the next time we meet, I will let you play with my red ball for approximately 5 minutes. (Psst - Lady Pamela, I do not want to embarrass you but the word "Kreativ" is misspelled. Just letting you know...). Let's see, my 7 favorite things...

  1. Master Stan
  2. Master Lors
  3. Blizzard
  4. My red kong ball
  5. Going to dog park
  6. Obedience training
  7. Xanza, I suppose...

Wow - we won an award already! This is so pawsitively amazing. I knew that I was cute, but not that cute! Blizzard bear hugs and cold nose kisses to Mommy's good friend, Pam. Even though she's a cat person, she's still an "A-plus" in my book! My favorite things are:

  1. Mommy, of course!
  2. Daddy
  3. My Second-Mom, Mandy (She has wonderful smelling hair)
  4. Frosty Paws Ice Cream - Peanut butter flavor all the way!
  5. Vanilla Woofers - yum yum
  6. Pissing off other doggies...heehee
  7. Xanza, the wannabee Shepard. (He's last cause he likes to bite my face! Hmph)

Xanza here! First up, I'd like to thank the academy for this awesome award. Me so happy right now. I tell ya, it's been a ruff road here. Me want to also give a shout out to my humans who I could not have done this without, and also my K-9 brothas on the North Side of Saint Paul...yeah. I got the hookup today- yeah! Raise the woof y'all! Favorite things...

  1. Xavier's red ball
  2. Blizzard's tasty face
  3. FOOD...of any kind!
  4. Rabbits in the backyard
  5. Running
  6. Frosty Paws Ice Cream
  7. The humans who feed me
We would now like to send a Kreativ Blogger Award to Miss Molly for her cute blog at:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Walk with the animals.

Hello! I am sorry that I didn't get a chance to write sooner, I was simply exhausted after the big walk yesterday. When I got home, I just collapsed and feel fast asleep. My paws were hurting so much - ouchie! Both Grandma and Mommy were tired too. We had so much fun this year. I met so many wonderful doggies and got lots of compliments from all the humans. Everywhere I went, they told me how adorable, precious and beautiful I am! It's always nice to hear such things.

I even got a chance to meet a real pony and the Fox 9 camera man recorded me while I was kissing and snuggling with it. I might be on the news!


We saw so many wonderful things. There were dog-related stores, activities, contests, music and lots more. I got a bunch of free toys and treats too including a cool bandanna for raising money for the Animal Humane Society! I let Xavier have the purple tennis ball I won and gave Xanza a frisbee they gave away for free. Mommy and I won this contest called Red Light Green Light - we were the first to cross the finish line. The judge said that I had a wonderful sit.

I had so much fun with Mommy. I love spending time with her. I can't wait for next year's walk!


Mommy took some pictures of the event so feel free to check it out.

Walk for Animals Set on Flickr