Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ma rug

Wassup ma peeps. How y'all doin'? Xanza here.

First of all, ide like to give a big shout out to my cuz in STL. I wanna wish him a be-lated 2nd birthday. He turned the BIG 2 on January 27th. I still can't believe that dawg is 2...seems like just yesterday he was a young pupdawg. I heard from mom that Xane has become more mature...I don't even know what that's a big fancy wurd. Me thinks it is somethin about him being around cow shiat tho. Mom says I gotta be mature no. I ain't rollin' round in that stuff. Mom must be crazy in da head or somethang.

Oh guess what...I got some new improvements to ma crib. I gots me a new rug. When I was a young pupdawg and mom useta put the dog bed in my crate, I'd chew it up all good. But then came to realise, I ain't gettin' a new one. I didn't understand at all. Chew my rawhide - get a new one, destroy my toys - get new toys. But no new bed ever came...wassup with dat?! I didn't mind it so much in the daytime but at nights it would get awefully cold on my bare plastic in ma crate. Sometimes, do I dare say it...I'd wish that Bliz was sharin' the crate with me instead of Xavier. That dawg is like a big warm heated pillow.

Well, turns out a few weeks ago, mom surprised this dawg. She let me outside to do ma bizness and when I came in and went to ma crate, I felt the most amazing thing beneath ma pawz. It was soft, and warm and fluffy. Mom had gotten me a brown rug for my crate!!! I was so happy that I rolled around on my back for hours that night. I didn't wanna leave the crate even tho the door was open. Sometimes, when I'd take a break to get some water, I'd see Bliz go in ma crate and chill. I think he's still in shock that mom gots me something. ROFL.

I know that ma probably thinks ima gonna destroy it but I aint. This was the best gift ever and I love ma mom for thinkin' of me. And dad has even been nice to me too. He says he likes me now cuz I'm "metal" but that's anotha story.

Peace out ma peeps!