Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting back Xavier's mojo

Xanza here! How y'all doing? Long time huh?

Well, not much new here. It's Summer so I've been chillin' out in the backyard a lot. Been running and getting into shape. I'm so ripped right now - it's awesome. Oh my God! I'm in a lot better shape than Xavier or Bliz who sit around all day. Even the vet lady told me that I was ripped when I went for my yearly check-up. She was all feeling me all over and gliding her fingers through my fur....oooh that felt so good. I think she has the hots for me! She wants some Xanza lovin'...oh yeah. I think she's cute and all but she ain't my type. I like my biotches with 4 legs.

So, made a friend too. The neighbor at the back of us got a chocolate lab. He's just a young guy but we've been playing and running with eachother along the fence. I know the Humans don't like that very much because the grass gets all torn up but I can't help myself. I feel the need...the need was I sayin'?

Oh week is Xavier's birthday. He's gonna be the big 7! OMG - that's SO old LOL. But, I feel kinda bad for the guy. He's been backing off at being the alpha dog. He's been letting me have his ball and doesn't care, he's been backin' off on squabbles and even backing off when I growl at him when we both get water.

Don't get me wrong -- I wanna be top dog in dis house but I ain't gonna take it like that. I still gots lots to learn from him so he can't wimp out now. I gotta figure out a way to get him his mojo back. I may not be as smart as him and we may fight a lot but he's my big bro. He's so much better that that brown-nosin'-sissy Bliz!