Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Not the Face!

Hello there! Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving. It was so much fun because Cousin Xane, Second Mom Mandy and Uncle LM came to visit from Saint Louis. It seemed like forever since I saw Xane. He was so much more mature and playful. He didn't chase me around all the time like he did in Saint Louis so that was good. I actually got a chance to rest in peace.

I think Xanza had some issues with him though. Xanza saw Mommy putting Xane's crate in the kitchen where his normally is and Xanza got pissed. He kept saying how it wasn't fair for him to sleep outside on the porch while Xane was all warm and cozy inside. He kept saying how Xane was way more bad than him. It was kinda funny! I was thinking, "How can any dog be worse that Xanza". I know, I am mean. LOL

To tell ya the truth, I sorta felt a little bit bad for Xanza. Well almost!

After a few squabbles back and forth outside, him and Xane called a truce. They realized that it was no use fighting and decided to be buds and throw their negative feelings under the bridge.

And guess what...Xanza taught Xane how to go after me and bite my face! I can't believe it - I go from being 3rd dog in the house to 4th! Can you believe it?! Ah well, it doesn't matter, I'm a lover - not a fighter.