Thursday, July 16, 2009

OMG -- It's my Birthday

Xanza here! Holy crap, can you believe is my birthday! I'm am 5 years young today! Woot woot! I didn't even remember until Mom told me this mornin' and gave me a great big hug. Thx Mom -- luv ya too. You're the only one who remembered. Just for you, I won't beat up Bliz today.

Oh, and Mom said she's gonna bring home an extra special surprise for me today since it's ma special day. I can't wait! Ima gonna make Bliz and Xavier mad as hell. I wonder what she will bring me. I ain't picky but I hope it's something to eat. Like maybe a nice juicy rabbit or maybe a big cake or something. That'd rock! If it's a cake, Ima gonna have to make a wish I guess. I always see the Humans do it. When it's one of their birthdays, they get a cake, light it on fire, close their eyes to make a wish and then blow out the fire again. Kinda silly, if you ask me. I wonder what I should wish for... whatever it is, I can't tell you cuz I heard that it ain't gonna come true.

I am just hoping that Mom doesn't put me on some crazy costume or make me wear some funky hat.